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A Cold Night For Carolling, Part Three
by Haven.

Murdock heard his own words, and registering both their truth and the danger they presented, was paralyzed by sudden fear. His arms continued holding Face but his mind reeled. What had he done? Why had he spoken his thoughts out loud? Face meant the world to him, and the team -- oh shit -- the team! How would Hannibal react to having a queer for a pilot? And BA, BA'd probably pound the crap out of him. Murdock longed for the hospital, where the only dangers were in his own head and he didn't have to risk losing more than he already had. Losing his friends, being shunned by the man he loved, being the one who broke up the team.

Face was lost in his own thoughts. How was it that he was able to read the hidden desires and weaknesses of strangers in order to exploit them, but unable to see into the heart of his best friend? He sighed, and Murdock, operating on auto-pilot, drew him in closer.

Murdock's thoughts slowed. His fair-haired Lieutenant hadn't pulled away in disgust, that was something. Maybe "his" wasn't the right word, but for the moment Face was in his arms and that was what Murdock wanted, needed. He shifted his left arm up a little -- damn it was sore -- and used his long fingers to comb through the soft silky hair at the base of Face's neck.

For the first time since they'd touched, Face looked up. He saw love and fear commingled on Murdock's face and realized the next move was his. "HM," he whispered, "let me see." Face shifted until he was kneeling, Murdock's legs between his own. He clasped the shirt's hem and, encountering no resistance, pulled it up, over Murdock's head. Murdock grimaced as he lifted his arm to allow the shirt's removal, but made no sound.

The bruise was an ugly thing, purple in the middle, yellow around the edges. Templeton wanted, perversely, to touch it. Not to cause additional pain, but to signal that he understood the greater meaning of Murdock's words. He reached forward and very gently drew a finger along the angry bruise.

Murdock looked down, watching Face slowly trace the injury. Line completed, Face lightly placed his hand on top of Murdock's arm and slowly made a return trip, across the broad shoulder, up the side of Murdock's neck, gently pushing until the pilot's head was in line with his own. Deep brown eyes met clear blue as Face bent down, his lips lightly touching Murdock's. Murdock's eyes deepened in color as he felt Face's tongue gently seek entrance into his mouth. He parted his lips and Face slid inside, his tongue exploring, meeting its counterpart, caressing with long wet strokes. Murdock moaned, the kiss awakening long repressed desires. Reaching out, he put his hands on Face's slim hips and pulled him downwards.

Face sank onto Murdock's crotch, surprised by the deep erotic thrill he received when he felt Murdock's thick cock between his legs. Face wrapped his arms around Murdock's torso and renewed his assault on the on the other man's mouth, reveling in his taste, inhaling the musky scent of his bare skin.

Delirious with need, Murdock ground his cock between the globes of Face's tight ass. Face pulled up, lessening the contact. Murdock moaned again and an electric thrill shot through Face's groin. There was something deeply erotic about Murdock's moans, and Face's erection was now urgently calling for attention. He loosened the string of his sweat pants and pushed down sweats and underwear in one fluid motion, revealing his long lean shaft. Wrapping his fist around his meat, he stroked himself, watching Murdock's eyes. The hunger glowing in them was feral. He sank down, grinding his ass against Murdock's hardness as he pumped his fist, the slit of his cock weeping precum in prodigious quantities. He collected a sample of the clear fluid on his fingertips, as he observed Murdock lick his lips, hungering for a taste. He offered them to the eager mouth, and Murdock sucked greedily, his tongue making love to the Face-scented fingers.

Face moaned as his orgasm built; from the ragged breathing, he was sure Murdock was also rapidly approaching the point of no return. He managed, "Murdock, I'm gonna," and then the waves of pleasure overtook him and he was cumming, cumming so hard that most of his ejaculate landed somewhere beyond Murdock's head. Utterly spent, he collapsed onto Murdock's pelvis and closed his eyes.

When he opened them several minutes later, he saw Murdock grinning at him. "What?"

"Wanna do it again?" Face groaned. "Well in that case, would you mind getting off of me? My legs are goin' to sleep and my butt's cold."

"It *is* kinda chilly out here, isn't it?," he asked rhetorically, noticing for the first time just how cold the air and the ground were. "I guess I was too hot to notice earlier."

"Recon so," Murdock replied, smirking.

A smiling Face stood up, and offered a hand to Murdock to help him off the ground. Murdock accepted the hand but didn't move for a moment. He looked up at Face and Face looked down at him. "You look happy."

"I am," answered Murdock.

"Any regrets?"

"Nope," he said, stretching out the word. "You?"

"Yeah." Face paused. "That we didn't have a bed." He smiled through a second, longer, pause. "But there's always next time. Come on, let's get back to the house," he said as he helped pull Murdock to his feet."

Murdock looked down at the big wet spot on the front of his sweats. "I sure hope this dries before we get there." Looking at the sky, Face said, "Somehow I don't think that's going to be an issue." With his free hand he reached down, snagging HM's t-shirt from where he'd tossed it earlier. And draping it over Murdock's shoulders the two men began the long walk back to the house. The heavens opened two-thirds of the way there.

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A Cold Night for Carolling, Part 4

Title:  A Cold Night for Carolling, Part Three
Author/Pseudonym:  Haven.
Fandom:  The A-Team
Pairing:  Face/Murdock
Rating:  nc17 m/m   Adults Only.
Disclaimer:  I don't know who owns The A-Team, but it isn't me
Special Thanks to:  Cath and Karo who beta'd this
Archive:  Upon request
Comments:  Takes place after Evening Song. Comments are welcome.
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Written: January 7, 2002
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